For me, making furniture is a connection to the wood, but also a connection to people.  I enjoy making things, but I like it more knowing that my furniture will find a use in a good home. My goal is to be recognized as a skilled craftsman and my furniture to be proudly passed down through the generations, and for my hands to be trusted to capture the timeless and unique character of wood.

My goal as a furniture maker is to build solid, beautiful, functional pieces that will look and feel great for generations. Fine furniture making is a time-consuming endeavor. Enjoyable, yes: but still, time-consuming. There is simply a lot of work that goes in to building a piece from scratch. I take great pride in the craft and try to take on only one or two projects at a time to ensure that the pride I take in each piece comes through.



Simple by design


attention to Detail

I believe that any successful project begins with paying attention to the small things. That is why I take the time to meet in person whenever possible to gather a complete understanding of what you're imagining. I can work from whatever inspires you, whether it is a piece that you see on a website or a picture from a magazine.

Good Communication

From there we come up with a design that works for you. When possible, I'll provide detailed drawings of your project prior to construction to ensure your satisfaction. I'll continue to work with you throughout the build, providing photos of the process on our Instagram and Facebook pages. However you prefer, I stay in contact, keeping you informed.



We're blessed to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful species of woods right here in our back yard. From cherry, maple, walnut, and oak, to even the most sought after figured types of hardwoods such as curly maple and curly cherry. I work with a small local lumber mill that carries every type of wood that you can imagine and each piece is hand selected with your particular project in mind. If you have any questions regarding woods, or want something special on a piece of furniture let me know, I can get it.



Past & Present Work


for sale

Currently Available

We currently do not have any items available for purchase.  Please check back soon!



Let's discuss your project

If you have an idea or a request that you'd like to bring to life, reach out below and we'll set up a time to talk further. I look forward to hearing from you.